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We design and manage websites for small businesses.

Search Engine Rank Reports

Your website can be set up to track rankings and rank changes over time. Our search engine rank reports are proof of our performance and will generate traffic that more than covers the service expense.

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Learn how we can make your website get more traffic.

Get a Regular Rank Report

We provide rank reports on a regular basis.

Several Options Available

Track Your Ranks

We can track the rank of your site for several different phrases. Our rank reports will prove our value.

Track Your Competitors

There is the option available to track other websites for their ranks of your target phrases. We can compare your ranks with those of a target competitor.

Create Multiple Sites

We can help you create separate websites designed to target narrow markets. Different sites will rank well for different phrases.

See the results or drop our service

When you see our reports, you will see the increase in ranks and visitor traffic. If you are not happy with the results we provide, then you can drop the services at any time.

Website search engine ranks can generate traffic

SEO services include regular rank reports.

In Business For Over 14 years

We have worked with websites and search engines since December of 1999.

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Whether it is local or world wide

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Ranks in the right places will get the kind of visitors you want.

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Consider a SEO program.

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Rank reports show your progress

Our regular search engine rank reports allow you to track the rankings of you website over time. And our performance is shown in the ranking numbers.

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