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We design and manage websites for small businesses.

Static Websites Designed

Static websites that are posted and not modified as much as and e commerce or interactive website. The are great for creating a simple web presence, expanding on other marketing or as an information resource.

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Websites can be used for many things

A simple web presence

Some businesses need a simple web presence to confirm that they are credible. Anybody can have a few business cards printed for just a few bucks. But when someone sees a website address and that card and the view the site, that convinces them that your business is legitimate.

Expand on other marketing

Most marketing resources have limited space. Billboards, newspapers and other forms of marketing don't have room to give the details about your products or services. But, they do have room to post your website address. And this give the viewer the option to visit that website and get more information from the company.

And information resource

Some businesses use websites for information resources. You can do everything from posting company contact directory to posting your product catalog. And the possibilities continue.

And more

Websites have many more possibilities. If you think you have a use for a static website then give us a call and we will help you design a site to meet your needs.

Websites are custom designed for each customer

Website design services for Charlotte

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Static websites are a wonderful marketing tool for small businesses.

We offer personal on-site service to Charlotte area businesses.

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Continued Service After We Build Your Website

Our Charlotte website design staff continues working with you after the completion of your website. Website management is a never ending process for businesses that are serious about using the Internet for their marketing. We are available to keep your site content up to date on a regular basis. And we can provide personal service at your location in the Charlotte area.

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